Earth Frequency Wood Theta Watch

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What is the "Earth Frequency"?
Do you spend a lot of time in enclosed areas? You may additionally collect the earth frequency which is also called "Schumann Resonance", after the discoverer Professor W.O. Schumann. The frequency is about 7.83 Hz and plays, according to many publications, an important role in the state of consciousness and the well-being of humans

What are Theta Frequencies?
Frequencies in the Theta range (4-8 Hz) are associated with creativity, inspiration, "super learning", problem solving, dream recall, and access to the subconscious.

How does the Earth Frequency Theta Watch work?
Every 4 Min. the Earth Frequency Theta Watch creates and sends to the body an "Earth Frequency", then 5 other frequencies from the theta range and this is all done (thanks to modern technology and software) with 1 batterie 24h/day, for as long as 1 year! It also shows quartz accurate the time, just like any normal wristwatch.

Technical Data
Wrist band material: Leather or Bamboo
Batteries: 1 years operating life, repleceable.