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B-Heal Blood Zapper / Beck Zapper

Information about B-Heal

Basics B-Heal

In each particle having a charge, when passing through an electromagnetic field, a voltage is induced. This voltage is reduced again by a current flow, depending on the resistance of the particle flow through or over the particles. The strength of the electro-magnetic field and the conductivity of the particles in this case determine the possible flow of electricity. As far as a rough description of the physical conditions.

Operation B-Heal
B-Heal generates a specific electromagnetic field. All cells in the blood, bacteria, viruses, parasites, dissolved drugs, salts, etc. are moved in the range of arteries and veins by this electromagnetic field. The field strength and frequency of the electromagnetic field is designed such that the effect on bacteria, parasites and viruses is limited. A chemical change of dissolved substances in the blood by the induced current can be eliminated. Because unlike living bacteria, parasites or viruses is derived the induced voltage on the environment (blood fluid). This also no current flows due to dissolved drug components. However, the absorption (absorption rate) may be increased by drugs.

Aplication of B-Heal
• Effect only in the bloodstream.
• Effective only directly through arteries and veins.




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