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B-Heal+  Blood Zapper / Beck Zapper / Cell Zapper

Information about B-Heal+

Operation B-Heal+
B-Heal+ generates a rotating, oscillating, and specific electromagnetic field. In all cells, bacteria, viruses, parasites, drugs dissolved, salts, etc., which are located in the area of the electromagnetic field, a voltage is induced. Even the B-Heal+, the field strength and frequency of the electromagnetic field is designed so that the effect on bacteria, parasites and viruses is limited. A special feature of the cells is however exploited. Normally, the healthy cell works like a Faraday cage. If the cell is, however, damaged by bacteria, parasites or viruses, does the cell envelope areas reduced conductivity. Through this »hole« in the Faraday cage and the virus or parasite can be achieved inside the cell.

Aplication of B-Heal+
• Effect in the bloodstream and in cells.
• Any use areas all over the body.
• Action and in cell infection by bacteria, parasites and viruses. Comparison of the major differences application





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