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HYTHERM - Portable Infrared Local Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is mainly used for the alternative or complementary treatment of cancer. For this purpose, a region or the whole body of a person is heated to a temperature between 42.0 ° C. and 42.5 ° C. This results in a "protein marker" on the cancer cell, which is recognized and removed by the body's immune system. These processes are confirmed by several studies and are now recognized. Existing devices are only for stationary treatment. Usually, a liquid medium is heated and the body is covered with it, or smaller areas of the body is heated up by high power infrared or microwave radiation.

The HYTHERM is a device for heating any body region. These are heated above the normal fever level, up to a maximum of 42.5 ° C. This is done gently and constantly, whereby very sensitive areas of the body can also be treated.
This alternative therapy can be used in certain tumor treatments, inflammation and musculature problems.
Especially in the tumor treatment of sarcomas, which neither respond to conventional chemotherapy nor to irradiation and whose surgical removal is difficult or the loss of a limb, the HYTHERM can slow down the growth.
Unlike a whole body treatment, which can no longer be carried out in all patients, the partial hyperthermia with the HYTHERM can be applied without hesitation.

Functional principle
The heating of the HYTHERM emits heat radiation in the infrared range.
This is not visible but is felt by the temperature sensors under the epidermis (upper skin).
The temperature in deeper tissues, muscles or organs is usually not perceived consciously. Heating is carried out according to the water content and distance to the heat source.
Unlike in the case of an infrared lamp, frequencies in the short wave range or microwaves, however, the energy quantity at the HYTHERM is clearly defined and therefore can not assume values which are higher than the temperature of the radiation source. This is important for the therapeutic approach to be used in the heating of tumor cells and no stress is triggered. Stressed tumor cells tend to spread, which should not be provoked. Tumor cells react to heat more sensitive than healthy cells.
This is proved by many investigations. In the case of overheating, tumor cells release "heat shock proteins" which are located on the outer cell wall. These heat shock proteins are recognizable for the body's immune defense and lead to the degradation of the cell. This indirectly activates the apoptosis (self-killing) of the cell. The temperature of the heated cells is between 42.3 and 42.7 ° C.
Since healthy cells start with the release of the heat shock proteins beyond 44 ° C, there is no damage or impairment of healthy tissue. Only the active treatment time, at which the desired temperature of 42.5 ° C is reached, is measured and the time is summed.
If the area to be treated is more than 3 cm below the skin, a second treatment should be added immediately after the first treatment. As a result, deeper areas of the body can also be overheated.

Use for inflammation, muscle or joint pain
The functional principle of the HYTHERM also allows application in inflammatory processes, muscle pain and joint pain. Consult your doctor or health care professional for the best results.


Charging power pack
Fastening tape 30 cm
2 x Fastening tape 100 cm


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