B-Heal Hybrid Zapper

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The first blood zapper in the world with dual mode. Maximum efficiency through induction (new) and electrodes (classic)

What is a blood zapper anyway?
Blood zappers are supposed to help the immune system fight the bacteria, parasites and viruses in the bloodstream. Dr. Beck has the idea to place 2 electrodes on the skin, close to the aorta, and thus create a current flow in the blood between 50µA and max. 100µA with a voltage of approx. 27V at the electrodes. The procedure of Dr. Beck is not recognized by orthodox medicine and no healing successes should be promised here. One has to rely on one's own common sense when assessing these forms of therapy.

And how does B-Heal Hybrid work?
B-Heal Hybrid is the first blood zapper to operate in dual mode. The therapeutic approach of Dr. Beck, according to whose application theory the mode of operation is designed, blood electrification, is generated by induction and electrodes simultaneously!. In addition, the immune system is stimulated by proven frequency patterns. The maximum induced current flow is 100μA.

Normally our immune system can handle the daily quantity of bacteria, parasites and viruses and we feel fit and healthy. But if our immune system is weakened, the "enemies" in our body increase and overload our immune system even more. If a wave of influenza or other extraordinary stress is now approaching us, it can lead to an overload of the immune system. Daily use of the B-Heal Hybrid can help the immune system. Bacteria and parasites can be damaged or destroyed by the induced B-Heal Hybrid current. Viruses can temporarily "neutralized", whereby they can be fought by immune longer in the bloodstream. Are viruses penetrated only once in the host cell, our immune system has no direct access more. That makes the conventional treatment of viral infections that difficult. Therefore, the preventive use of the B-Heal Hybrid to minimize germs in the blood stream is an effective immune system booster. The emergence of diseases to impede or even prevent is always better than having to treat a disease.

Restrictions on use
The use of B-Heal Hybrid is not recommended for people with pacemakers or brain pacemakers. Here, for understandable reasons, no test for tolerance has been done. Because weak electromagnetic fields can also penetrate the human body, pregnant women should also avoid using B-Heal Hybrid. There is no interference with other electronic devices, this is ensured by the required EMC measurements. The simultaneous use of other therapeutic or medical devices should be avoided.

Does a battery need to be changed?, Are there any troublesome cables?

B-Heal Hybrid has a built-in LiPo battery, and a charging station is included. Good for the nature and comfort! The 2 electrodes are integrated in the lower part = no more troublesome cables!

Where do you wear and how do you use the B-Heal Hybrid?
The B-Heal Hybrid is preferably attached to one of the arms, just above the wrist. The inner side of the arm should be preferred. The application time is 30 minutes and is adapted by the B-Heal Hybrid to the user's daily condition. If necessary, two treatments can be applied directly one after the other. The B-Heal Hybrid switches off automatically after the treatment. No healing successes should be promised here either. As so often in life, one is also dependent on one's own common sense when evaluating these forms of therapy. Compare and form your own opinion!

B-Heal Hybrid
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